BICRL Round 4 - Banbridge Criterium

4 Events in and VCI continue to hold the early lead, though with 6 events to go, including an Individual TT, a Hill Climb, 4 man TTT and several Road Races, its way too early to total up the hens. 

Event 4 was a particularly tricky and ambitious project, which had many complications. Each club fielded 8 riders to make a field of 32. As ever, racing was hard fought right from the start, in this opportunity to compete in the closed circuit scenario widely known as a Criterium.

Conditions on the night were damp which caused several to hold back a little. Combining the elements of both a criterium and a track styled elimination race was an audacious concept and one that proved a real test to manage on the night, given the mix of rider adrenaline, noise levels etc. This said, the race was well received by spectators and with a huge entertainment factor, all participants seemed to enjoy the race buzz.  The goal for us was to eliminate the last 2 riders in the field pretty much each lap until only 4 remained to fight it out. After the allotted time of 30 minutes or so a winner emerged as Johnny Kyle of VCI.

For many support race to a Cycling Ulster Criterium Championship race was a huge honour. Our thanks to BCC and all those who were involved in any way. Such a project cannot come off without huge background work and vision. Thank you Aaron Wallace and Team.